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Client Aiden

"This program has changed my life and made me into a unit. Never been this happy in my life before because of the confidence I’ve gained from getting leaner and leaner. Jake is a very experienced body builder which makes his training and dieting methods far more superior than the general fitness and personal training population.

Client Jude 

"I’ve been working with Jake for 1 month now and his persistence to keep me motivated on a daily basis deserves more than 5 stars! I am on a life changing journey from FTM 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 to be the person I was truly meant to be and he has brought so much support into my life on good and not so good days . I feel completely blessed having him by my side!

Client Nathan

"Jake is incredibly knowledgeable in fitness and has helped me get on track to achieving my goals. He tailors his workout plans to each client and pushes you to achieve goals you didn’t think you could. Highly recommend"

Client Mike 

"If I could pick all five choices I would but we are only allowed to choose three. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer imo and will be working with Jake for some time now. Just a few weeks in and I’ve already made a lot of great and noticeable progress on and off the scale. Dieting is no longer boring and repetitive with his meal plans either which was a huge relief. I feel like I sit down to a restaurant style menu every day which you never see anywhere else. Don’t sleep. Get ahold of him and change your life now."

Client Bri

"I’ve been trained by a few different people but Jake is by far the best! He made sure I was doing the correct form for each exercise and showed me exercises I could do to help my past injuries. You can tell he really cares and truly wants his clients to grow! I would definitely recommend seeing him if you’re looking for a trainer!"

Client Jacob

"Jake’s meal plan has been so educational and thorough. A great friend, mentor, and leader. His meal plan has helped me get to that next level!"

Client Nick

"The last four weeks with TJE Performance have been the most productive, and intense, and I dialed in I have ever been on for a fitness plan. Alongside the hard work Jake has been there to motivate, coach, and inspire me to stick to my dietary goals while always continuing to hit new PR’s within my lifts and physique. I’m not only excited to finish out the last 8 weeks of my program, but to continue building on top of that with TJE Performance going forward. Thanks for always motivating me to do more, Jake!"

Client Skyler

"Jake truly cares about his clients and wants to see them succeed. Started my journey at 208 pounds and after 8 weeks I am down to 188 pounds. Not only am I feeling way better about myself, I’m feeling better about my lifestyle. There will be days where you fuck up and don’t make it to the gym or don’t eat the best and you text Jake and he will check you and make sure you’re doing your shit everyday for the rest of the week. If you want to take it seriously you will see the results so if you want to make a change do it now and do it here"

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