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3 One on One Sessions a  Week (monthly)

3 One on One Sessions a Week (monthly)

Military and Student Discounts Available



In order to make these plans affordable as possible I do allow up to two people to split the price of one on one coaching as long as it is predetermined and discussed beforehand during a consultation! That means you can get all the value of our training programs for  almost as low as half the price if you have a friend or spouse willing to split a package with you! I do do coaching for groups of 3-5 people as well, pricing on these is all determined based on the consultation. 




Whats included with this purchace?


               - 1 in Person Private Personal Training Sessions at Self Made Training Facility Hollywood. A completley Private Facility that is closed off to the public, creating an environment of positivity and growth.  Everyone at Self Made is there to push eachother to be the best versions of themselves. Nobody is in competition with eachother. Just Ourselves. This is why it is the home of TJE Performance.

               - Optional Dietary and  Nutrition Consulting. PSA: Full Meal Plans and Month to Month Dietary Plans included if purchasing a full month of training

              - Opportunity for Training and Exercise Science Consulting from mens physique bodybuilder and social media influencer Jake Jones (@MrJonesLifts) 

              - Someone Who Actually Cares. This is probably the thing that sets me apart compared to any trainer, coach, professional athlete, physical therapist, consultant. I truly take my time to invest in my clients lives and programs. I have helped people going through heartbreak, pregnancy, divorce, drug addiction, ptsd, chronic illness, injury, and just about everthing that you can think of. I will always have my clients back for as long as they are committed to putting the effort into training and their trust into the process. I started this business because I want to help people. Don't let money or anything hold you back from reaching out. I am here for you and the fact you are looking into this shows me you see an opportunity for self improvement in your own life. Let's get started. 

  • Refund and Rescheduling

    Full Refunds available up to 48 hours prior to start of 1st session

    Reschedule for free up to 24 hours prior to the session 

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$900.00Sale Price
Price Options
3 PT Sessions a Week
Monthly Subscription
$900.00every month until canceled
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